Hello. We are Naturium.

Driven by our belief that high-performance skincare should be and can be clinically-effective, skin compatible and affordable... NATURIUM was born.



Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of plants and the advancements of science. We believe that high quality, innovative skincare products can be affordable. We believe that natural ingredients can be sourced responsibly. We believe that not all natural ingredients are good and not all synthetic ingredients are bad.
We believe that skincare formulas should be clean, but they also have to perform. We believe that anything you put on your skin should be biocompatible and nourishing. We believe that packaging should be sustainable and recyclable, whenever possible. We believe that animals should be respected. We would never test on animals.
We believe in supporting local and global communities, including our own. We produce our products in the United States. We believe in self care.

Our Brand Philosophy

Clinically Effective, Biocompatible Skincare

NATURIUM unlocks the full benefits of natural botanicals and powerful actives with innovative technology. We formulate highly effective, potent skincare formulas that work. To do this, we believe skincare needs to be BIOCOMPATIBLE.

In science, biocompatibility refers to the properties of biological tissue of living organisms and its reaction to non-living materials…in other words, the relationship between skin and active formulations.

We believe it’s impossible to achieve healthy, nourished skin with formulas that are unbalanced or incompatible.

Naturium is committed to only using ingredients that either directly benefit the skin’s health, or support the integrity and effectiveness of our formulations. In the Naturium Lab, during formula development, our key priority is biocompatibility. We test pH levels for safety, always making sure that our active ingredients remain efficacious, yet respectful and supportive of the skin’s acid mantle. The result is formulations that are balanced and optimized to work with the physiological processes of the skin.

Our Product Philosophy

Thoughtfully Formulated

Naturium products are thoughtfully formulated with the highest-quality botanical, earth and marine-based ingredients, combined with innovative alternatives and advanced science.

Our top priority is to ensure that our formulas are safe for skin. Each of our ingredients and finished products are rigorously evaluated for safety. We constantly study the latest science to only utilize ingredients that meet Naturium’s exceedingly high quality standards.


Biocompatibility, formula efficacy and safety are our top priorities. Our mission is to help our customers achieve healthy, radiant skin, using formulas that work.


We are not a 100% natural brand, nor do we believe we ever will be. We believe in the power of nature and we believe in the advancement of science. We believe the best and safest formulas are realized when tapping into both worlds.


We believe in transparency, which is why our Ingredient Library lists every single ingredient utilized in our formulas, as well as its purpose.


We strive for responsible and sustainable sourcing. While human safety is our #1 priority, the safety of the planet is a very close #2. Consideration of how ingredients are sourced and the safety of those ingregredients as they enter soil and water streams is important to us. We believe there is still so much to learn here.


Our formulary standards meet the natural/clean beauty standards of major retailers around the globe.


There is more to learn. There is more to do. We have built this brand with sincere intentions to create thoughtfully formulated, skin compatible products. We will continue to evolve and improve. We are committed to it.

Our Packaging Promise

Packaging within the health and beauty industry is being heavily scrutinized by consumers right now, and for good reason. Millions of tons of packaging goes into landfills each year. In addition, a recent study shows that the bathroom is the least recycled room in the house.
We can do better.

At Naturium, first and foremost, we believe our packaging must protect the product inside. Our formulas are highly active, utilizing high levels of natural ingredients. Our packaging must ensure that our formulas maintain efficacy throughout their full in-use lifespan.

We believe packaging must function and be user-friendly. Nothing is more frustrating than packaging that doesn’t perform well. In addition, packaging that is too complicated doesn’t make for an easy or enjoyable experience during use.
That does not work for us.


Our packaging is minimal by design and we make every effort to avoid unnecessary waste, in order to reduce our impact on the planet.


Whenever possible, we use packaging comprised of post-consumer recycled materials.


We are committed to utilizing highly recyclable materials.


We love glass. Glass bottles and jars make up the majority of our primary packaging. Glass is easily recyclable and considered an earth-friendly option. Our glass is tinted or opaque to protect the integrity of our formulas.


We are reducing our use of plastic materials as much as possible. When we use plastic, we try to make sure it’s comprised of PCR material or a plastic alternative, i.e. sugarcane, and is easily recyclable.


Whenever possible, we used PCR materials for our boxes, labels and shipper boxes.


Our packing peanuts are made from cornstarch, as opposed to styrofoam. They are biodegradable and easily dissolve in water, thus making them safe to rinse down the drain.


Our packaging supply partners are FSC Certified. They make continued efforts to improve sustainability and environmental consciousness.


Our labels are produced using wind-powered energy.

We are just getting started. This is an on-going priority for us. We are committed to continue to improve Naturium's responsible and sustainable packaging efforts.